ABC of Aahaar Programme

Two separate counters are available at the entrance to obtain token by paying 5 Rupees for a meal.
Meals are served on steel plates by using standardised mugs of one liter for rice and half liter for dalma.
Dining platforms with sitting arrangements are made.
Running water facilities for hand washing and water purifiers for drinking purposes available.
Meals for the Aahaar Kendras are prepared with utmost hygienic conditions in centralised kitchens or kitchens located in close proximity of the Kendras.
Each Aahaar Kendra has been developed in a standard pattern and basic amenities made available therein which includes:
Dish Washer
Water Purifier
Fire extinguisher
Fly Catcher
Steel Plates
Well trained serving staff with uniform, apron, mask, cap and hand gloves serve meals to people with dignity.
Dissemination of information on different social benefits schemes made through videos and display boards for sensitizing people to avail benefits.
Nodal Officers appointed for close and effective monitoring.